We decided that it was necessary for us to do something that will help people with their finances. We always like to help and we identified that at the moment this is an area that a lot of people need help with. Therefore, we tried to put together some information that we think will help as many people as we can. We hoped that it would provide a good base for people to start their financial learning. We wanted lots of people to benefit and therefore covered topics that we felt most people would be able to relate to. We have put together short articles which we hope will inform and provide tips that people can easily follow. We know that money can be a topic that many people do not want to face up to and do not want to read about. However, we hope that we have made it relatable and that the information we provide is interesting and that the hints and tips are easy to follow and make a significant difference. Our aim is to get as many people as we can to improve their financial situation by having a better understanding of how things work and knowing what to do in order to take steps to make things better.